Turn of events in life

Turn of events in life

My heart beat-Pushu

We called on the vet and they said there is a new disease on the prowl that chocks the sick cat to death. This made me wearier. They also said that he might come back the next day or may be after few days. This was however acceptable. Animals tend to hide when they are sick. This is what I found after I googled on the internet. So many thoughts kept rushing. Keeping my faith strong I prayed for longer hours to keep me cool and be prepared for the worst .Our night went off fatigued.

Our pet left the previous afternoon after he vomited in the morning. I gave him nux vom 30, a homeopathy medicine for his upset stomach. I thought to leave him alone. Without being noticed, he disappeared without having his meal. We waited for him till the wee hours. He didn’t come back the next morning also when I woke up. I pulled myself up fighting my tears thinking he must have got lost.

I sat down for my morning online classes. Tears just welled up with thoughts as I couldn’t take the burden of losing him. It broke my heart for a moment thinking how stressful my pet must be if he was still sick. I started recollecting the happy moments I spent with him.

I wiped my tears and fought back. I had to attend to the call of my duty as my student was already online. I teach online.

I could hear the conch blowing as my hubby finished his morning prayers. With lightning speed, my pet entered my room. That was an unbelievable sight. He had a horror-struck look and was dazed at me, terrified. Unlike his white shiny fur, he looked shabby. My heart jumped a beat and I held him. I excused my student and ran downstairs to my hubby. He looked overjoyed and we thanked God that he is back. He was very hungry but thankfully he looked healthy.

A shocker

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It was 31st May,’22 night. I was retiring for sleep. For the last time, I was checking updates on Facebook, and what a shocker it was to find the news of KK’s death. He was only 53. A tragedy I never could fathom. He was one of the booming singers of our times. Krishnakumar Kunnath, popularly known as KK, is an admired singer who made a mark for himself and is loved by both the old and new generations. He was a flawless and talented singer. His soulful numbers still ring in my mind.

It is sweltering summer in Kolkata, West Bengal(India) this time around. Humidity was at its peak. It seems he was not willing to get off the car to the Nazrul Manch auditorium after seeing such a huge crowd. It was crowded more than its capacity.

The packed auditorium’s air conditioner failed amid the concert as the news says. He kept singing despite the roasting heat. He was wiping his sweating face and asking to shut down a few lights to balance the temperature. To top it off, some boys were using fire extinguishers to disperse the crowd, which made things more worst. Had this been an open-air auditorium then things would have been different. His humble demeanour always smilingly sang on. Why on earth did he continue singing with so much discomfort. After he reached the hotel he collapsed never to sing again. Nobody could save him. He died of myocardial infarction as the post-mortem report says. This happens when the heart muscle does not get enough oxygen. He does not deserve this kind of death. The unpredictability of life has created a sudden void in my heart.

Sometimes it is wise to back off if such a situation arises.

I am not a concert person. The few that I attended were in our locality where some popular singers are invited to perform. I watch singers performing only on YouTube or on television. The sound, light, and new technical setup for any show need proper planning. Musical instruments generate heat. Therefore, temperature settings in any concert need to be regulated. I feel strict laws should be implemented where artists can walk away when there is any technical snag in the auditorium. K K’s death will be an eye-opener for many who face such a situation.

As I listen to his songs I am always transported to my younger days. I don’t tire watching his video, “Aap ki dua.” Today, as I watched it in loops, tears welled up in my eyes. The jolt he gave us made me think about how life can be so fragile. Let compassion grow in us and respect all our loved ones no matter what.

May you live in our hearts forever. You remain memories and music.

~ Orchid_rd