The “Blue” hits other cities too

The “Blue” hits other cities too

This post is a follow up from my previous write up I uploaded way back in 2015. You can take a look at the link given here to know more about the blue bottles:

The Veterinarians are baffled as the craze of hanging blue bottles continues. This idea hit many other provinces of India too. No wonder the concept started from West Bengal but little do we know whose idea was this. It is through word of mouth, that this idea is doing the rounds.

If you happen to walk by the lanes of Kolkata you will definitely see bottles strategically placed in most houses. It is not a surprise; some would still say the blue bottle idea is a cheap solution adopted by many homes to deter dogs from pooping. There is no scientific reason behind the bottle most vets say. May be the smell of the water is keeping them away. Perhaps, the blue reflection from the water might be scaring the dogs and so they fear to go near the bottles. But dogs are supposed to be colour blind.

I did hang two bottles in front of our gates too, knowingly it is superstition. Before I could look for the results, one of the bottles was gone after few days. Funnily, the dogs just ignore. By then I tried many home remedies. I made juice from lemon and orange peels and sprayed on the front yard of our house. It worked but if after the rains, the dogs are back to business.

n.b. : I came back to writing after nearly four years. That was indeed a long siesta from writing. I actually got pretty busy with my profession as well as studies. This year(2020) is a year with lot of hiccups for most of us. So many lost their loved ones.I share their grief with mine as I too lost my only strength –my Dad.He shockingly left us and that too, too early. He was my guide in writing. I will shortly bring strories about him and how warm hearted he was to all.

How Life changes


Things took a rapid twist since 21st March 2020 in India. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi declared a janata curfew on 22nd March from morning 6 to 9 at night. Since then we are in lockdown. The whole world was shaken by the deadly virus – Corona named Covid-19. Iran and Italy had the largest casualty even before they declared emergency.

The symptoms are so similar to flu but the only difference is additional symptoms like diarrhoea followed by severe lung infection and finally death. We have been seeing news of people dropping down dead on the roads in China since November 2019, truck load of pigs piled up to a far away land and craned away to a large pit and burnt alive. What a horrendous sight it was. The virus was spreading like wild fire and caught unaware in most European countries.

Wuhan, a small State in China is the hub for all virology tests and experiments. It is learnt that the virus is a lab creation and is most likely a deadly and silent biological warfare. This is another pandemic after 1916. It looks like such virus attack on humanity comes almost every 100 years. But this is a man-made pandemic.

Social distancing

Corona or covid-19 is the most lethal variety which causes respiratory tract infection. Symptoms are fever, dry cough, dyspnoea (shortness of breath), diarrhoea, sore throat. It is spread by droplets produced as a result of coughing or sneezing. The droplets survive on surfaces and clothes for many days. Touching such infected surface and then touching one’s mouth, nose or eyes can transmit the disease.

There is no medicine so far. Scientists are working on a vaccine for this. The only safest way is to maintain social distancing that is not visiting family or friends. Since we are in lock down since 23rd march 2020, uncertainty looms in the air. In India confirmed infected cases as on 8th May stood at 56342. Today is 10th October, 2020. How time flies. World is still reeling with this fear. India stands at 6,979,423 cases with 107,450 deaths and 5,988,822 recovered so far.

Life has to roll on as we need to keep the economy running and steady. So, most shops and office establishments started opening but on roster basis. Many of the IT companies had work from home options earlier but now it was for all except for those in the administration. Most private vehicles hit the roads as few public and private buses are plying. For most schools and colleges, they geared up for online classes from April as they have to pay the teachers and also charging the students like normal. Business has to run.


With uncertainty hovering over us and with different newspaper and media expressing concern that we have to live with the fear as Corona is not going away any sooner. The best way to fight it out is to change our life style by eating and living healthy. We need to make our immunity strong. As we are mostly at home, it will be great if we keep exercise in our regular regime as we need to sweat out.

We require enough fluid intake to stay hydrated. A little bit of spiritualism won’t hurt a bit.

And of course social distancing is the key. We can definitely get in touch through phone or video calls and stay in touch with loved ones.

Face mask is a mandatory when we are going out and now we see ourselves with this extra cloth on our face to avoid the transmission of the virus to us. Let us follow the government directives sincerely and save ourselves and save others too.

n.b. : Picture courtesy – Google