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Chagoler Dari ( Goat’s beard)


Shared by one of my uncle  from his Saudi Experience!

Two close friends(a Muslim & a Hindu) were chatting  in a light vein in some Saudi country.

Learning from some friends that Indian market sells good goat meat, Bilal asked Singh, “Arey yar batao to Indian market me accha gosth mileyga?”( Friend do Indian markets sell good goat meat?)

“Mileyga na Bilal..bilkool milega..”( Oh! Sure ) said Singh

“Dari wala gosth?” ( goat with the beard?) asked Bilal

“Bilkool musalman gosth! “(O! yes fully muslim goat) was Singh’s reply 😛 😀

“Wallah you shaitan! ”  Bilal bursted with laughter. 😛

( no offense intended)