Women! Stand up for your rights!


Holding back her tears, she boards a bus to her parents’ place some 2 kilometers away. The frail body seems too exhausted. Every time she recall back a distasteful incident, her eyes wells up. She wipes back as if an annoying insect got logged in one of her eyes, just to distract the onlookers. An old man by her side seems to sense her anxiety, stares helplessly at her face. He could feel her heavy heaves. In this crowded city, who can come to your rescue while traveling in a bus with unknown strangers?

This is the story of most Indian women who suffers silently, not only in rural but even in the urban society as well. Many women are caught in a web of violence and do not know where or how to get help. Their stories die with them. Even if reported, they are in most cases pushed under the rug.


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