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Fly Free!


caged birdOne fine evening, the screaming of birds made me unusually curious, unlike our area full of trees with frequent visit of winged beauties. It’s our neighbor, who bought a prized possession – Caged Parrots for their 5 year old little son. Excitement filled my heart with the new inhabitants to our area. I asked the son whether they speak. Prompt came the reply,” No”. The son shouted back, saying he is going to teach them to speak. Well my thrill was more on the bird that can speak. It’s a pain to see them caged but I thought, in due course of time the birds will roam free in their house.

 One Sunday afternoon, after lunch I was just doing rounds to my flower garden, I noticed a parrot perched on a coconut tree beside our house. My heart swelled with joy. I ran upstairs to have a closer view. It was tweedling something with the caged ones. The scene was so heart rending when I saw the caged birds’ restless responses. The next moment, the bird flew near the cage. For sometime I thought they were sisters or brothers or cousins, whatever may be the case, but they know each other. The sight was remarkably so touching, I captured them in my camera. Unfortunately, I lost the pictures when my computer crashed. Their wheedle was so charming that I thought it will last forever or at least the bird can fly back everyday to be in their company, or may be the messenger of all the news of their loved ones.tree-silhouette-with-bird-flying-vector-1090974

 With the Indian legal system for no poaching or keeping birds as pets, I guess it is just a farce. Many markets on some particular day are flooded with exotic birds.

 Our neighbor’s son is too mischievous. Every evening after school its terror time for the poor creatures. He would play the role of a teacher with a stick in his hand and with every hit on the cage, the poor birds used to scream & flutter frenziedly.  His parents saw that their son is more destructive, decided to set them free. Fly free!

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