Himalayan Tandav !


The video clippings of the Himalayan fury showed how brutal nature can be. This reminds me of the famous movie – “if tomorrow never comes” where, how NY City was consumed into debris  in a matter of seconds.

The grief, anger and discontentment screamed the television, newspapers and social media. As cameras zoomed on the many stranded among the rubbles showed distress and anguish. No roads or bridges to take them home. The Army rescue choppers, relentlessly worked day and night to help them to safer places. Nature’s wildest fury struck mountainous Uttarakhand, the northern region of India. Boulders as big as cars came rolling down with mud of rain through human habitations destroying everything on its way. The wrath of flooding water shows how nature exacts revenge. Some scrambled to safer places as the raging floodwaters swept through.


 The violent Himalayan cloudburst on the 16th June is history’s first of its kind. Why this fury(Tandav) without warning? Various media pointed out on how human greed led to such catastrophe. Ecologists & Environmentalists directs on mindless construction, deforestation, encroachments and the expansion of the hydel power plants at various locations, the main cause of this tragedy.



Everything around left encased in mud by the floods after the rage slowed down. In some villages, not even a single house stood. The abode of Gods has become a ghost town with receding waters leaving behind muddy bodies in thousands, unrecognizable. So many pilgrims never made it to their homes, only to miss out on a decent cremation.

Reunited !

Reunited !

Clutching photographs in hands, faces creased with anxiety, relatives kept their hopes alive even after a week of the flood. As all the rescued people touched base at Derhadun, relatives desperately wait for some miracle. Some reunited, some hoped and for some it was a futile wait.

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  1. What’s there to say, except let’s live for the present? Increasingly, when I think of restarting my retirement savings deposits, I’m certain that I hear a chuckle from beyond the clouds.

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