Walking to office with my hubby one day, we saw a Kite flying past unusually low. What a big bird I exclaimed! Our heads automatically tilted upward. We noticed a prey in its claws but couldn’t identify and a moment later I saw a trail of the bird’s poop, little realizing it would splash straight on my hubby’s arm. Oh! That was a huge splatter! It was definitely not expected early on an office day. Hubby laughed it off saying, what a day to start with! Fortunately we saw an old man nearby his house and asked if he can help. He was kind enough to lead us to a water tap at his backyard. As my hubby was washing off, another old fellow saw us and smiled at us, saying, “You see, the birds are well-read in geography and geometry these days!” 😛 🙂

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  1. So funny! My brother was once baptized by a giant seagull. I wasn’t fortunate enough to witness his event, ha ha. When I was a young teen, my baby sister’s babysitter (whom I didn’t care for) had a pigeon fly by and drop a poop on top of her head. I could not stop laughing, which added to her anger.
    Thank you for stopping by and enjoying 1950 Suburban Adventures.

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