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Gems of the African Jungle!


The zooming of the eagle eye and the bird trailing away to the mountainous thick of the African jungle, I felt as if I was watching the wild135263_bd National Geographic channel when the camera changes track to a village somewhere in West Bengal, India, a humble abode of a young bengali boy’s family.

The boy named Shankar, the protagonist, was passionate about geography and history of the African jungles since childhood. He wished a life of adventure. The scene starts with a family friend bringing good news for Sankar, a job in the Uganda Jungles.

Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay the famous bengali novelist, whose Chander Pahar ( Mountain of the Moon) was an instant adventure hit for readers, way back in the year 1937. Interestingly, the writer never visited Africa when he wrote the story. A prolific writer who conceptualized so well, with his imagination. Kamaleshwar Mukherjee, the director, turned this book into an engrossing movie, with an overwhelming viewers’ response. Though, I haven’t read the book, but I feel the movie is an honest try and if you ask me to rate, it is a good movie,where bengali adventure film is concerned.Screenshot-04

Sankar’s dream job as a station master starts in the rugged uninhabited jungles of Africa, with his first ever encounter with a ferocious man-eater lion followed by a deadly black mamba. The Man versus Animal scene-sequences were edge of the seat experience. Dev(actor from Bengal), who plays Sankar made a brave effort with his skills.IMG_2598

During one of his wild expeditions, he encounters a bruised and wounded Diego Alvarez, a middle-aged Portuguese gold/diamond explorer. He rescues and nurses him back to Life. Alvarez shares some of his chilling escapades in his search for the precious gems, when he loses his friend to mythical monster the Bunyip. The adventure instinct made Sankar decide to leave his job and join Alvarez and this is where starts their united gamble to explore the wild, to the diamond caves of Richtersveld area of Africa.

The daredevil cliff climbing,camping,wild encounters,volcano explosion and their endless hike gives viewers a feeling of suspense. This is where the actual thrill starts.I’m not going to share any further as the movie is presently on the box office hit list and is running full-house. Watch “CHANDER PAHAR” to believe!

N.B. : My personal observation :

  • I thought, Alvarez’s wounded look was an excellent work by the makeup artist. His recuperating fades of his injuries were worth to be noticed.
  • Shankar could’ve been painted to a rough/rugged look, with faded injury marks, less smiles and more expressive eyes.

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