Sunshine from our garden


ca I inherited the love for gardening from my parents. My hill days are full of memories so vibrant, I enjoy recalling them. They bring smiles as I remind those beautiful gardening moments to my parents and siblings. From a variety of roses, hollyhocks, gladiolus to dahlia to a mixed bag of vegetables, our endless garden space always kept us busy every morning and evening. The weather is always favorable in the hills to grow seasonal plants and vegetables.


After we shifted to a warmer and humid place in West Bengal, our garden adorn only those plants that can sustain the heat, humidity and pollution.Winter bring back a lot of smiles to our faces, as some of the hill seasonal plants can remain for about, till the cold winds up.I got some succulents which  survived when we brought them from the hills and they still enrich our garden. Though we do not have enough gardening space, we have a huge terrace where most of our plants grow in pots.suI’ve added few pictures of our garden flowers like the calendula, Petunia, Marigold, Beach morning glory, adenium and some succulents. I picked up the beach morning glory plant during one of the visits to a beach resort nearby, and may be after two years it started giving those purple blooms! The white blossoms are the kamini flowers, having aromatic smell. I googled for the botanical name called Murraya paniculata.


Three years back four of my favorite rose plants died of extreme heat.I did not risk buying again. Last summer was not very hot & humid like the previous years. Lets see, I’ll check when there is a plant fair during the monsoon and add roses to our garden.


Our winter vegetables includes spinach, green peas, califlower, cabbage etc. The photographs will tell you rest of the story.

veg1We have a rose apple fruit tree and a mango tree. Long back some of our relatives from Digboi, Assam sent us some Rose apple fruits. I planted  the seeds. It is five years now. A total of seven plants grew, but due to lack of space, we had to cut down all of them except one. Surprisingly, after the first year, we saw a number of buds, the blooms and then the fruits. Interestingly, this plant bear fruits twice a year, during August-September and February-March.


Rose Apple (Gulab Jamun)


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