Just a brief encounter!


It was definitely a feeling of excitement for me at least. I always thought, Kolkata will be the door to opportunities to shape my career. Packing and moving is tough. After shifting houses for the 5th time, I now know the hassles, stress and struggles of it. I shouldn’t forget to mention that all shifting actually happened when my father had  job promotions. Every change with a larger house, of course! The final shifting was to Kolkata- our own house finally!!

“We are traveling to Kolkata- the final destination,”said my father when we learnt he was retiring. With all the indecisiveness and confusion, my elder sister convinced my father to buy a house before he retires. My father was never very serious about owing a house or making future plans. He is an idealist and always believed in spending time reading books and writing. I was then, just a budding journalist, trying to make a mark in the field. It was may be three and a half years of experience then, when fahter decided to shift to Kolkata after his retirement.

Looking back those days past, I feel so grateful to my sister and brother-in-law who gave so much dedicated time for us in shaping up an accommodation in South Kolkata, despite their busy job life. It was approx. a 1000sq. ft. Flat. Every weekend they used to visit the site, so that it is ready by the time we shift.passenger-airplane

I had to travel few times to kolkata to settle things before my parents joined. During one of my final flight to Dimapur (where we last resided), I met a gentleman who sat next to me. He was, may be in his late 50s. He became friendly with me and kept sharing so many of his strange, interesting experiences. I was so engrossed by his conversation, the flight of about 40 minutes seems to have flown off in few seconds. I learnt, he worked with several media and publication houses and was very happy to know, I was also in the same profession. As the flight hit the landing, I thanked him for making the journey so amusing.He was equally very happy :).He helped me with my hand baggage. On getting off, I  saw my father . He was waving at me. I waved back and hurried  to said goodbye to the wonderful man I met on flight.”Hey young lady!” he called me back and gave me his visiting card. I thanked him and without checking, I put it in my purse.

It was peak summerpic, and the passenger waiting area was a tinned shed with few ceiling fans. Our flight was already one hour late and I could imagine the pain of the “wait” for my father.As he drove me home, he discussed several of his plans on shifting and stuff. He then asked me, who the man I was talking to. I then, took out the card to check. Oh! wow! my eyes instantly caught “Doordarshan!” “He is the director of Kohima Doordarshan!” I told my father. I only wished I’d stay more years back.  😦  🙂

N.B.: Doordarshan was the only government run television channel way back in the ’90s

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  1. Kolkata sounds like a lovely place Orchid. Moving around isn’t fun at all but I am glad all settled. 🙂
    And the wonderful man you met who gave you the visiting card? Have you heard of him ever again? 😀

    • Yes, it is a beautiful place 🙂 A bit populated though 🙂 you have to visit to believe 🙂 but heart in heart I deeply miss the place I left behind.

      Sadly, I never could get in touch with him 😦

  2. Interesting post revives some memories especially the mention of Dimapur. I was posted to Nagaland for almost 3 years and found everything about it fascinating. Thank you and cheers 🙂

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