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Yamraj- how dare you!!


Where do I get a priest asks the son to one of the relatives. “Don’t worry dear, we can arrange when time comes,” the awe struck relative consoled as he patted his back. His ailing father had to be hospitalized with brain disorientation. The attending doctor gave him a half hearted hope. The gadgets and the beeping of various monitors of the intensive care unit (ICU) looked very scary. Few months back, he was hospitalized for electrolyte imbalance. All his vital organs were absolutely fine. This time, it was a bit different. All tests were done. One day, they said his renal was failing and on another day, heart was failing!

The son almost gave up, thinking it is a lost battle. He decided to stop visiting his father and only enquire about the developments from the doctor. Mentally he was prepared that doctors might give up hope.

One of his daughters never failed to visit him every day making sure he is missed and not feeling lonely. He struggled to speak, but his words disappeared. Everyone who visited him nodded to all his mumblings. There was a look of frustration on his face. Once he complained, saying he was hungry. Of course, he looked very pale since the day he was admitted.

His eldest daughter had to rush,flying thousands of miles to be with the family.She is the pillar and every one look forward  for any kind of help. She is there to be with all. Before she could get over her jet lag, she had to fly back.

As prayers and get well soon poured in, there seems to be light on the other side of the tunnel. Messages like: “Dekhbi baba fire ashbe” ( just see, your father will definitely come back)..”he will come through, wait and see”, came pouring from time to time.

The laughing Yamraj( God of death) had to shy out of the hospital ward. He was released after more than two weeks. He is home, fresh and fine and feeling normal. Praise the lord! Miracles do happen 🙂