Dearly departed


It is a long journey through grief and losing people very young is something we feel stressed. When I first got in touch with a school friend of mine through a social networking website- facebook, I was just very thrilled. The days past since I left school seems like a dream. The achievements and success during those non-communicative years with school or college friends left me with no option but to accept the situation as it came. I now feel, had I been in touch with all of them I could have been a better human being.

Eventually Facebook happened and this is how I am again in track with the same people of my school but they changed for better or worse.

We often used to call each other over the phone and chat away sharing school moments and the lives of other friends who are still there. Some are married and settled, some yet to, so was she. Akhrieno was her name.Let me tell you, I was born and brought up in Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, India. Most of my local friends are still there and are settled in their respective lives. I spent most of my childhood there. I moved to Kolkata after my father retired. Thereafter I’m still here trying to love the place I’m in.

We often made it a point to stay in touch. Finally a day came when she was traveling to Chennai or someplace south. Her stop over was Kolkata for about two hours or so. We decided and met up at the airport. In the two decades she was a totally transformed person. She looked so dignified, soft spoken and beautiful. She had no makeup. Her otherwise curly hair was absolutely straight and had it pony tail.

I stood near the passenger waiting area and her call confirmed she was walking towards the area. Finally I saw her. She shouted and called my name and came running. We hugged. After we settled down, I gifted her few things I bought for her. She exclaimed and thanked me saying how thoughtful I was whereas she felt sad as she couldn’t bring anything for me. After our one and a half hour chitchat, it was time for her to leave. We finally parted and as she was walking towards the boarding, she turned every time to wave me good bye. I never thought that will be her last good bye.In a very short time after she was diagnosed with colon cancer, life did not spare her. Her death came as a jolt. It was so sudden that it  left me stunned.  Rest in peace my friend. I miss her everyday.


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