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The magic of blue bottles!!


The “Blue” that we used to give a tinge of bluish white to our white clothes has almost become passé . Nonetheless, “Blue” is still used by some. The concept of white is changing with time..people love the normal white, pure white for their clothes these days. We earlier used to buy “Robin Blue”. It used to come in powder form in a rectangular box with a robin bird insignia. Well, the demand for “Blue” made a big entry again and for an absolutely different reason. But the robin blue has been replaced by “ujala” . It got a better lift, may be due to the concept called advertising. Since I do not use either of the two, I googled and found Robin blue is also available, that too in liquid form. Ujala is a liquid blue too.

Picture : Google

Picture : Google

Well, I learnt from neighbors, ujala is selling like hot cake. Why? They say, to ward off street dogs from pooping.Well, a bangla paper did flash news few weeks back stating that hanging blue bottles near the house will ward off dogs & pooping as well. No wonder, our locality too neatly decorated with those blue water filled bottles. They look cool! We are yet to introduce one. After few days of observation I noticed the front of the house is terribly littered. The other streets are quite clean. Ujala or Robin blue is definitely going to profit from me. Let me fix one and find out if it really works. Do Dogs really hate blue color? Will let you know in my next post.