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We killed!


Someone told me, “Why don’t you buy a book to kill the culprit” A book to kill!? I started speculating -the sound of a big fat book shutting and the culprit is in and silenced! The next moment I felt a bit ridiculous!

Well, I wrote about wild civets in one of my posts. These creatures hang around our house after dawn. You just can’t leave your windows open. They sneak to your house and feast upon all your fruits or any eatables from your table, if left open. They even dexterously lift the food cover to steal them. Lately, we put mesh for all our doors and windows. To say, we are safe now except for the terrace.

Our terrace adorns some vegetables and flowers, planted in more than seventy pots. Recently we discovered the cauliflowers and some turnip cabbages being neatly chomped off. We were certain; the civets were raiding our terrace by night. We closed all the rain water outlets, just in case the culprits were the house rats instead. We covered all the pots with mosquito nets to prevent them from being further eaten. But we failed. So, sadly, this winter we are left with only little produce.

The garden at our roof top was in a mess, even after all the precautionary steps taken. Finally, we thought, we can try the BOOK – “the Yellow Book”. Well, we planted the said book on our terrace one evening. The next morning I neither felt any passion, fear, conviction, nor excitement from what I saw. The book was of course shut and I saw a tail. Civets too have tail. But, this was a tiny one. Who is the culprit by the way? A large rat in a yellow book trapped!


Yellow Book

I found the yellow book quite interesting. Now I know how it worked. It is sold in most Indian markets. I do not know, where the concept came from. It is indeed an innovative device! The book has a very sticky adhesive on the inner sides of both pages(card boards) and a button on each side so that both side do not stick. So, the tricky thing of this book is once the invader prowls on the sticky page (cardboard hard), the strife would bring the other page to whack and close like a book. The victim cannot move and dies of suffocation!

The mystery is yet to unravel. The question is, how come despite the water outlets were closed, the veggies were vanishing! Well, the rat had no escape route, so it made its abode in a piled up old pots in the corner. While rearranging them for more planting, we came across heap of rat poops! So, it was the lone invader who wrecked our winter plantation!