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Cows love music!


Animal expressions are indeed worth watching and I’ve got some very interesting real life incidences shared and experienced.

Festive season was just round the corner in Nagaland, India. I was sitting by the window of our house. It was a sunny day . I could see the vast stretch of green from my room. A section of it is an incomplete stadium. Most part of the year, cattle graze here. The herd that day was quite big.

A few yards from the herd, a group of locals were practicing dance steps  for some coming event. Once the beat of drums along with the song & dance in rhythm started, I was just speechless for the next few seconds. I felt, even the herd was mesmerized that they charged straight to the dancers. May be they wanted to be near the group to listen to their music or may be watch them dance. Instantly, the dancers stopped , fearing danger and chased them back.

Till to this day, I was at wits end, to some animal behaviors. When I googled to find similar behavior of animals, I was amazed by my finds.

Everyone appreciate music, even if you are a cow 😉

You can check some of the amusing links below:

n.b.: this is my personal experience during my stay in Nagaland, India.


Squirrel’s Triumph!


Animal expressions are indeed worth watching and I’ve got some very interesting real life incidences shared and experienced.

Sitting on the verandah, one lazy afternoon I noticed  a crow perched on a nearby tilled roof top. I could see a pomegranate skin with few seeds, on its beak. Just few yards away was a squirrel, silently following the crow. In a split second it swooped the fruit skin from the crow and raced under the roof.

In desperation the crow cawed as it flew,craned its neck & pecked every possible place under the roof to retrieve its food, but in vain . It cawed in distress. In no time the roof was overshadowed with  the hovering flock. The ranting of caws went high pitch. The squirrel sensed danger & lay still.

This continued for quite sometime until the crows gave up. Finally, they slowly made their exit. The squirrel calmly sneaked out of its hideout and raised its fists up as a sign of victory, the act of triumphing! I was just amazed by the whole affair! Well, yes, sometimes, even animals manifest their thoughts similar to humans.

n.b.: as shared to us by my Father–in-law from his stock on real experience.

Chagoler Dari ( Goat’s beard)


Shared by one of my uncle  from his Saudi Experience!

Two close friends(a Muslim & a Hindu) were chatting  in a light vein in some Saudi country.

Learning from some friends that Indian market sells good goat meat, Bilal asked Singh, “Arey yar batao to Indian market me accha gosth mileyga?”( Friend do Indian markets sell good goat meat?)

“Mileyga na Bilal..bilkool milega..”( Oh! Sure ) said Singh

“Dari wala gosth?” ( goat with the beard?) asked Bilal

“Bilkool musalman gosth! “(O! yes fully muslim goat) was Singh’s reply 😛 😀

“Wallah you shaitan! ”  Bilal bursted with laughter. 😛

( no offense intended)