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How safe are our skylines?


The world Trade Centre rises again

originalThis is the headline that caught my eyes today morning as I was browsing through the latest news updates in Yahoo. No wonder, so many years gone by when the World Trade Centre‘s Twin towers came crashing down, one of the most horrendous incidences history will never forget. When news channels were showing live telecast of the first bellowing clouds of smoke and the subsequent pictures of men & women clinging to windows some 100 floors up and frantically screaming for help, little did we realize what the consequences would be. Within one hour, the towers were down like a pack of cards. I was just imagining when lifts fail and when all occupants take the stairs from so high up, it must’ve been a real chaos. Well, it was. Those who made it were indeed lucky but those helpless 2,753? It was a tragedy for all their loved ones and to the world. Most of the top trading companies world wide housed their offices here. The colossal loss was insurmountable! Terrorism is bringing more barriers to human relationship. Gopal Mitra, one of the eight architects, cried inconsolably when interviewed in one of the news channels, here in Kolkata, India, just after the news broke. He kept saying “I feel like I have lost a child. I feel so alone.’’

Nearly 11 years have elapsed and it still seems like yesterday. On 2nd May 2013, members of the media assembled on the 100th floor (the observation deck) of the newly constructed World Trade Centre – one of the tallest monoliths for a press conference. Some the shots taken from here are incredible and the building itself is magnificent. I was just going through the photographs of the nearly completed building. The skyline of New York now fills the void. The majestic high-rise is almost complete but as the news says, it will be operational by 2014 and  will be one of the premier tourist attractions.Now, as many high rise buildings rule the skies, what should be the safety measures? The spire that was just installed on top of the WTC, will serve as a broadcast antenna and will be connected with some of the international news channels.This is just a part of the safety measures. And as more such skyscrapers come up, more safety measures such as new generation of cement-based or ceramic composite materials of fire resistance, fireproofing, etc.will be a major importance to dimensional stability. Besides, many engineering giants who work for such high rise buildings are bringing new technologies for a safer and a stronger structures with the objective for safer passage and less casualty.

Image: Google

Check out the beautiful link below. It is a documentary of the rebuilding of WTC